Wingman Watches / Jeff Bolton

Generations of aviators, back to the Wright Brothers who timed Wilbur’s first powered flight at twelve seconds, have aggressively pursued another aviation Holy Grail: the perfect wristwatch for flying and living. Yes, flying and living are the same to many of us, and finding a wristwatch that can handle the rigors of flight, along with the requirements to be dapper in the evening, is a tough requirement indeed.


Prior to the Wingman Watches, there was a huge gap between quality and price. You didn’t get what you wanted and paid for at the low side, and you may have gotten what you wanted at the high side but it also came at high cost. That’s why Wingman Watches was founded: to live in the sweet spot where performance, appearance and cost efficiency merge.

On the performance side, my personal requirements are simple: rugged, accurate, date window, military time on the dial, and two time zone. On the appearance side, I need high visibility numbers and dials, and a classic, non-glitzy appearance. I’m just not into bling. I also wanted a U.S. built watch with the best parts for the money sourced from around the world. Wingman Watches are perfect in these requirements.

The Wingman Watches founders are also active duty military pilots who fly different airframes and different mission sets. They deeply understand the requirements of high-performance aviation watches, and just as importantly, they also recognize that aviators would rather put their money into their airplanes and not into a wristwatch that’s too expensive and can’t be flown hard.

We’re immensely proud to partner with them, their vision, and their service to our Nation. Click here to get your Wingman Watch – custom or off-the-shelf. They’re bad-ass, and you’ll be joining the legions of people like us who are Wingman Watch fans for life.